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Best Casino Bonus for UK Players 2018

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Listed below is a wide array of 100% safe and secure Online Casinos – tested, reviewed and ranked by me. I have registered and deposited at least £200 on every listed casino in the making of the reviews and ranking! Each online casino is casinos with cash bonus, and gives the opportunity to play as well as receive the highest ranked casino bonuses, deposit and withdrawal options, great games and much more. ENJOY!

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You are right now just a few simple clicks away from any one of our selected online casino bonuses! But we are not only here to present the top current casino bonuses on the market, but we also want you to get the understanding and knowledge that is required to find the casinos that are best for YOU!

In the following casino bonus guide, we’ll guide you through the art of finding your right casino bonus if you are a UK player, how to use them and also include the top types of casino offers! Lets get started!

Best Mobile Casino with sms deposit

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What if you own a clothes store and a similar shop opens right across your street. Would you not sacrifice a few your earnings just to keep the customers returning to your store instead of leaving for the other one?

Online casino bonuses work in a way that is pretty obvious. The casino market, like every other market, is very competition heavy, so what the casinos do is offer people bonuses in order for them, in the long run, to get returning customers. So the benefit of finding your best offers at is lucrative for both the player (you) and the casino.

So the way it works is that the casinos rather let people get huge bonuses for playing their sites instead of losing customers to other online casinos. Isn’t that the beauty of a competition heavy market?

In other words, the best thing YOU can do to make a profit is to look for a casino bonus. A bonus can present itself in many various forms and applicable to a vast variety of games. With casino bonuses, you literally have nothing to lose, but everything to gain signing up to a casino with a high casino bonus!

If you weight the pro’s and con’s between going to a “real” casino or an online casino, the casino welcome bonus makes all the difference between the effort you have to put in relation to the amount you can win. Just by sticking to our top FOUR(!) casino bonuses you’ll end up with at least £2,000 in welcome bonuses alone.

Best Casino Bonus for New Player

Best Welcome Bonuses in the UK – How does it Work?

If you’re still living in a world in which you think a welcome bonus is just pure cash in your pocket, you need to wake up. If this were the case you could just register to all the casinos, cash out and repeat. The casinos, of course, want you to show dedication to keep playing at their casino in exchange for their hospitality and not just take the cash and leave, that wouldn’t be very lucrative now, would it? One of the best sources for casino news is AskGamblers.

In order to withdraw the winnings you earn from your casino welcome bonus, every casino has a wagering requirement that you have to meet. It’s not rare, however, that a casino offers no-wager free spins. This means that everything you get from your free spin winnings is directly transformed into real cash which is yours to withdraw at any time.

A wagering requirement works in the way that, in order to withdraw money from your account, the “bonus winnings” will have to be transferred to “cash winnings”, and in order to do this, you will have to wager/bet x amount of the amount you deposited when you took part in the casino welcome bonus.

Let’s make an example:casinos with cash bonus

If a welcome bonus is 200% up to £1,000 and divided into your first four deposits the maximum bonus which you can get from this is £2,000 and you will have £3,000 to play for.

First Deposit: 100% up to £300 – This gives you £600 to play with if you deposit £300.
Second Deposit: 50% up to £300 – This gives you £450 to play with if you deposit £300.
Third Deposit: 25% up to £200 – This gives you £250 to play with if you deposit £200.
Fourth Deposit: 25% up to £200 – This gives you £250 to play with if you deposit £200.

This, as you might be able to figure out, results in you depositing £1,000 and get £3,000 to play with! And if the wagering requirement is x20 times the amount of the welcome bonus deposit, you will need to wager £1,000×20 which means that you have to bet/make us of £20,000. Of course this isn’t something that you notoriously have to keep track of, it pretty much works itself out, but it’s important to understand all of those monetary aspects cause nothing can ruin you more than not understanding bonus terms and conditions.

Best Casino Bonus for UK players – A Broken System?

Of course, casino bonuses isn’t a “broken” system where you can break the banks, its a system with incentives for the benefiting parties. Nothing in the bonuses says that you can’t lose your bonus or that it’s a 100% guarantee. This is to keep the system fair and more importantly, to keep them bonuses flowing! The way to take advantage of this is, of course, to use as many bonuses as possible. You have to expect to lose some and win some.

After you’ve been reading this article, cruised some of our casino reviews and looked at our casino listings, simply press the “grab bonus” button to be redirected to your casino destination. When at the casino, you can further investigate whether the casino is something for you or not. we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to read the bonus terms before signing up or depositing any money. You can find a button for this as well under the “grab bonus” button.Best casino with free sign up bonus

As a protection of people truly manipulating the system, casinos ask you to either give up your credit card information or to stake some money in order to retrieve your winnings. But bear in mind THIS IS A GOOD THING! This system of validation keeps the casino welcome bonuses high and the illegal use of them to zero. When doing everything that is asked of you, you will be free to play at whatever game you’d like.

The online casino welcome bonuses are seldom limited to just one game and can be used in multiple games that the casino offers. So even if you can’t withdraw your money yet, the winnings from your bonus money can, in turn, be used AGAIN until you are ready to cash out! Sometimes the casinos have a betting limit on the bonus, but this right here is the truly amazing part of the bonuses.

Some games contribute more than others to the wagering requirement, where slot ofter represents the ones that contribute 100% of the winnings to the wagering requirement. Black Jack and other table games usually only contribute to around 25% or sometimes even 0% to the wagering requirement.

Registering at the Best Casino with Free Sign up Bonus – But When the Bonus is Used?

If you have made use of the casino welcome bonus and still want to have a reason not to bail out and move to another casino and enjoy another welcome bonus, almost every casino have more bonuses for their already registered members. A common form for this is typically a special day of the week where you can get a percentage bonus in relation to your deposited amount. this can, for example, be “every Tuesday you’ll get 25% up to £300”.Best Welcome Bonus for UK players

For an online casino that is true to its traditions, seasonal events and holidays such as Christmas or Halloween, are usually subjects to a themed bonus with campaigns that holds a designated theme and bonus systems. For example, a Christmas campaign can be in the form of an advent calendar and an Easter campaign can result in you trying to find eggs to collect bonuses.

Best Mobile Casino with SMS deposit

A current thing on the market now is casinos that offer SMS deposits. This i a great way for you to deposit money to a casino through SMS in the UK! But you need to research which casinos that offers SMS deposits before you sign up, so you won’t be disappointed.

There are even online casinos in the UK that offers SMS withdrawals, so this is something you also would want to check out!

Different Kinds of Casino Welcome Bonuses for New Players

The amount of different bonuses is expanding in relation to the ever-evolving market. The fact that casino bonuses are lucrative for both the consumer and the casino magnifies the different kinds of casino bonuses. However, there are some proven to be the most popular.

Free pins/Bets

The Free Spins and bets are easily the most recognizable type of casino bonus. While the winnings might not be as high, they are a fun way to go about online casinos without having ANYTHING to lose.

Deposit/Reload Casino Bonuses

In any case, you’re doing a deposit or reloading your casino funds, almost every casino tops your deposit/reload with an extra bonus. Sometimes it’s just a fixed amount of money or a percentage of increased winnings.

Register to a Casino with a Welcome Bonus with Promos

It’s not uncommon for leading online casinos to offer some bonuses for taking a part in an activity. This can, for instance, be liking their social media pages och answering a short quiz.

End of the List of the Best Casino Bonus for UK players

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