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About Jeff Hayes

Jeffrey Hayes is the main writer for as well as Editor In Chief. Thanks to his background as a Journalist as well as a vivid and fantastic book-writer, he has created the voice and style of Casinomartini through the method of mixing his journalism skills with the eagerness to learn and write about the world of online gambling!Jeffrey studied Journalism at Stockholm University and graduated in 2017. He then worked a lot with research and analyzing different behavioral patterns and cultural background. Find Jeffrey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why Online Casinos are Just as Good as the Real Thing

Why Online Casinos are Just as Good as the Real Thing There's something really special about setting foot in a casino—the buzz of muted voices and the click-clack of the slot machines.Nice as it is, sometimes you just can't get to one!That's where online casinos come in. Having grown and grown in popularity over the past [...]

5 Reasons to Use Paypal for Online Slot Deposits

You’ve just found the perfect website for online slots. You’re all excited about trying out their newest and best games.But wait: before playing, you need to make a deposit.If you find yourself stressing over which payment method to use to play online slots, you’re not alone.The top online casinos offer hundreds of slots… and dozens [...]

Everything you need to know about deposit methods

Deposit Methods for Online Betting Once you’ve created an account on an online casino platform, it’s time to deposit your funds before start gambling. These days, every platform offers tons of banking options, so it may look a little bit tricky to choose the one that would work best for your. In this [...]

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