in this article i am going to explain how to get extra spinsThe hype about Extra Spins began in the same time online casinos really hit the market. As of every other bonus, Extra Spins are offered to bring an incentive for online casino players to sign up and get accustomed to a specific online casino.

Extra Spins are easily the most recognizable type of casino bonus. While the winnings might not always be as high, they are a fun way to go about online casinos without nothing to lose. 

A welcome bonus more often then not include Extra Spins that you can use to play on a casino’s slot machines for free. Those spins either generates cash that can be directly withdrawn or bonus money that has to meet a wagering requirement in order to be transformed into a withdrawable fund.

What are Extra Spins?

An Extra Spins bonus is the number of free Extra Spins displayed under the casino thumbnail that you can find in our different bonus categories – UK Casino Bonus, and UK casino sites list. On pretty much every casino a deposit is to be made in order to claim the Extra Spins, but more often than not, Extra spins do not require the same wagering requirement as the deposit bonus. But in any case, the Extra Spins are, as the name suggests, an extra bonus on top of your deposit bonus! In order to find out just how easy it is, down below you can read about how to get extra spins in just the matter of minutes.

So what the casinos do is offer people bonuses in order for them to get returning and paying customers. So the benefit of finding your best offers benefits both the player (you) and the casino. So the way it works is that the casinos rather let people get welcome bonuses for playing their sites instead of losing customers to other online casinos. Isn’t that the beauty of a competition heavy market?

In other words, the best thing YOU can do to make a profit without any need to pay for gambling at slots and still keep the winnings is to look for casinos that offers a good amount of Extra Spins. With Extra Spins, you literally have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Sounds Cool, How do I Start?

Collecting Extra Spins isn’t a “broken” system where you can break the banks, It’s a system with incentives for the benefiting parties. Nothing in the terms of agreement to get Extra Spins says that you can’t lose your bonus or that it’s a 100% guarantee win.

This is, as mentioned in the general guide to Casino Bonuses, to keep the system fair and more importantly, to keep them casino bonuses flowing! The way to take advantage of this is, of course, to find as MANY Extra Spins as possible. So even if the Extra Spins are offered in different quantities, collecting as many as you can end up being the most lucrative way to earn money without any need to empty your wallet. And as you go along, you’d also find out that some Extra Spins have a higher quality outcome than others, some might cap on a certain amount of winnings.

As a protection of people that is trying to manipulate the system, casinos ask you to either give up your credit card information or to stake some money in order to retrieve your winnings. But bear in mind THIS IS A GOOD THING! This system of validation keeps the Extra Spins and the illegal use of them to zero.

Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement is a requirement which is set up in order for you to just not withdraw your bonus upon registering. That wouldn’t be a very good business idea for the casinos. A wagering requirement is always added upon a welcome bonus, which often consists of a deposit percentage bonus as well as an amount of Extra Spins, ranging from typically 15-200. The wagering requirement doesn’t necessarily need to be the same on the deposit bonus as it is on the Extra Spins.

The wagering requirement is controlling how much you have to wager/bet/use in order to transfer your bonus winnings to a withdrawable real-cash account. The requirement is typically set to 25-50 times of the amount in which you deposit. So if you choose to deposit £100 on a deposit which has a 100% up to £100 + 100 Extra Spins and an x25 wagering requirement, you will end up with £200 to play with as well as 100 Extra Spins, and the winnings you get from this welcome bonus is have to be wagered to an amount of £2,500 in order to be transferred to a withdrawable cash-account.

This might sound as a lot but let’s make an example with the current case:

Bonus account: £200
1st round of slot-playing wagering: £50
1st round of slot-playing winning: £100

Bonus account: £250
2nd round of slot-playing wagering: £200
2nd round of slot-playing winning: £300

Bonus account: £350
3rd round of slot-playing wagering: £250
3rd round of slot-playing winning: £400

Bonus account: £500
Total amount wagered: £500

So if £200 can make you wager £500, Those £500 can typically make you wager £1,250 and so forth.

The bonuses are seldom limited to just one game and can be used in multiple games that the casino offers. So even if you can’t withdraw your money yet, the winnings from your bonus money can, in turn, be used against the wagering requirement AGAIN until you are ready to cash out!

Be cautious that some slots contribute more to the wagering requirement than others. this is always found in the “bonus terms” so be sure to check that out before so it won’t come as a disappointment.

in this article i am going to explain how to get extra spins

How to get Extra Spins Without Wagering

Typically, when you see a welcome bonus that offers around 15-50 Extra Spins, you might look away and search for one that gives you 200-300. But please read closer as to some of those casinos actually offers Extra Spins that does not require any wagering. In other words, all winnings made from those Extra Spins can be withdrawn at any time!

Some of our casinos offer variations of this. For example, Casumo, as well as Dunder, offers you 20 no-wager free Extra Spins as well as their 180 Extra Spins that requires wagering. EUCasino offers 100 of their “Mega Spins” which are all wager free.

SlotsMagic offers something even more innovative. By making a deposit of at least £50, you’ll get a total of 520 Extra Spins over the span of a year. Use the bonus code: Y520 to automatically get 10 Extra Spins each week during the whole year! The winnings from those Extra Spins does not require any wagering.

Two other casinos at our site that offers no-wager Free Spins are Guts and InstaCasino.

Best Slots to use Extra Spins on

As a given rule, you always want to play the slots that give you a 100% wagering contribution. The second thing is to look at is the games RTP. This stands for “Return to Player” and is an indicator that shows how often and how likely a player is to win at that particular slot. RTP calculates the total amount returned to players divided by the total amount betted by players. RTP is displayed as a percentage, ergo gives you the stats as to how often you can expect to win. So the higher the percentage, the more likely it is for you to win.

Don’t put to much focus on RTP as it is something that has been calculated over a very long time, the most of the winning happens as a short-term effect. But of course, you would want to play at slots that has a higher RTP percentage.

The third thing you would want to factor when choosing a slot is the most important one. Choose the one you like! You are here to have fun! The quality difference is so small in relation to your own taste that it shouldn’t be too much of a consideration for you.


So to sum it up we’ve talked about:

  • How to get Extra Spins and what they are
  • That an Extra Spin is often a part of a welcome bonus at an online casino in which you will get a set amount of Extra Spins at any given slot machine.
  • Extra Spins are given to you with no hidden motive, they are used to make you happy and create goodwill towards their casino.
  • Some casino has a wagering requirement on their Extra Spins, which means that you have to meet a certain amount of wagering in order to make your Extra Spins winnings into cash.
  • Some casinos do not have a wagering requirement, which gives you the opportunity to directly withdraw any potential winnings from the casino as real cash.
  • Some slots contribute higher than others to the wagering requirement, so be sure to check this out under the “Bonus terms” that is required to be accessible at every casino.
  • The RTP (Return to players) determines your chances of winnings at any given slot, but don’t put to much weight on this criteria.
  • Pick a slot that you like and try to have fun!

We sincerely hope that we have enlightened your knowledge and that you trust that our way is the way to go!


We’d love to help you in any way possible. We are working hard every day to contribute to your online casino experience. Navigate to Contact us in order to get in touch with us! Please give us up to 24h to reply!

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